Women Riders for input

  • Price: $25
    Location: Denver, CO
    I would like to find 5-7 female riders to help me test out some MsMoto products I am producing. I have developed a 100% natural, chemical free kit that I have been carrying to Crossfit and taken out with me on my last 2 rides, I get tons of compliments on both the kit and what it does for ME, but I need some diversity and feedback in what other Lady Motos might think about the kit and what it does for them.

    I can send you a kit that will retail for $45, for $25 to test it out for me and give feedback, and I'll throw in free shipping. You can test it out, keep the products/packaging, and then give me feedback on what you like and what you don't.

    I've had over 40 requests for this kit in the last week but I'm really wanting to craft it to the reality of the track and conditions before I push too hard and open up the line too far for sales. I want it to be the best thing out there of it's type....so if you'd be open to testing it out for me, email me and I'll get you more info. taj@msmoto.co

Posted by Taj McNamara Aug 15, 2011 - Filed in Other Moto Related - #products  #Testing 
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