R2D Motocross, LLC
  • Description R2D foot peg covers are universal in that they have been designed to fit any sized foot pegs for big bikes. These foot peg covers protect you from the sharp teeth on the foot pegs during transport...
  • Address756 Bold Springs Road, Cairo, Georgia, US
  • Websitewww.R2DMX.com
  • Emailinfo@r2dmx.com
  • Phone269.409.1723

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R2D Motocross is now set up to receive international orders using PayPal!
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Tina Ruffin

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      • May 5, 2013
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      • Jul 29, 2012
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      • Trevor Wielang
        David Waters Peg covers; wish I'd had these when Nick was racing 65's & 85's. I had some nasty gashes to my shins from freshly sharpened pegs. These would have saved them from superglue stitches. :-)
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      R2D Motocross, LLC
      • Dec 4, 2011
    • Tina Ruffin
      Tina Ruffin: Christmas shopping for your dirt bike rider?  Hook them up with some R2D foot peg covers!  Visit www.R2DMX.com  and place your order today!
      • Dec 4, 2011
    • Ryan Barbour
      Ryan Barbour: I'm sorry but these look like a waste of $20.
      • Dec 4, 2011
      • Ryan Barbour
        Tina Ruffin Sorry you feel that way Ryan, but appreciate you checking them out.
        • Dec 4, 2011
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      R2D Motocross, LLC
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