FLY RACING Announces New Riding Gear for 2013

FLY RACING Announces New Riding Gear for 2013

FLY RACING Announces New Riding Gear for 2013

Posted by Nekolove Santiago Jul 11, 2012 - in Industry News - 817 views
  • FLY RACING Announces New Riding Gear for 2013



    Product announcements come early in this business and it’s easy to tell who’s on top of their game when it comes to MX riding gear. Many of our members use gear from Fly Racing and they’ve just announced their lineup for 2013.


    And it rocks, so let’s take a look!


    There will be five new categories/lines of jerseys/pants/gloves consisting of:


    • New Lite Hydrogen
    • Evolution Sonar & Evolution Rev
    • Kinetic Inversion, RS, Mesh Tech & Girls
    • F-16
    • Patrol


    We love the look of the Lite Hydrogen line and the gear is described by Fly as:


    “Designed by pro racers Trey Canard and Andrew Short, this new line of racewear is exactly what our pros asked for—true lightweight, non restrictive, minimalist racewear.”


    And for helmets, the familiar Formula is looking updated and here is what Fly has to say about it:


    “The Formula is a no-excuse high end helmet. A lightweight SNELL/DOT model using top shelf materials; Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Titanium and microfiber combined with advanced composite technology, the Formula helmet sets the standard for high-end protection, comfort, and style. One ride and you will feel the difference.”


    The popular F2 Carbon helmet has new versions such as the Acetylene and Andrew Short / Trey Canard replicas. This is a race-inspired helmet utilizing carbon/Kevlar construction, we have one and we love it.


    Though it shares many of the same construction features as the leading Formula model, the F2 Carbon is offered in many different colorways and has its own cool style.


    On the casual side, there is a lot going on with all new jackets, hoodies and caps, and many feature the cool Fly Racing logo too.


    Check out all the new gear for 2013 at FLY RACING and tell them realMotocross sent you!

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