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Who is MotoE and how they can help riders?

Posted by Nekolove Santiago about May 17, 2012 in Other - 238 views - 1 total answers. Status: open. - Report

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    Who is MotoE and How Can They Help You?

    We have started to feature weekly health and fitness/training advice from the good folks over at MotoE…so we thought it would be a good time for you to get to know a little about them and why you should listen to their advice!

    We met up with Robb Beams (AKA Coach Robb) and asked him to fill us in on all the new goings-on at MotoE….

    rmx: Coach Robb, tell us a little about the MotoE training facilities.

    MotoE: We recently signed a contract with CrossRut Rider Development in Hazelhurst Georgia to provide the MotoE Complete Training Solutions Training & Nutritional Program. Riders receive “on the bike” training programs from the on-site riding coach and receive a weekly schedule and conference calls with a MotoE Staff member to discuss nutrition, hydration, flexibility, endurance, strength training, injury prevention and mental development skills.

    We are currently negotiating with tracks in Florida, California and looking for a facility in Texas. If you know of any interested facility in Texas, please have them contact me directly. Our goal is to have a MotoE Performance Program associated with one high quality track per state by the end of 2013.

    rmx: Why did you start MotoE?

    MotoE: I have been developing the Complete Racing Solutions Training & Nutritional Program over the last 15 years as an extension of my Complete Training & Nutritional Solutions Program that I started while I was in college.

    I have personally been involved with motocross since 1978 but became involved under the Toyota TMX Moving Forward Program. I am one of the sport’s biggest fans and just want to provide riders the truth about speed, endurance, nutrition and injury prevention.

    rmx: What's your background in our sport?

    MotoE: I grew up racing BMX at the national level and had the privilege to ride for a few teams. I finished my BMX racing career with the IBMXF World Championships ranked 8th in the world. Shortly after, I went to college to study computer science, business management and exercise physiology. While I was in college I was on the junior development team for the sport of triathlon until I got hit by a car and had to have my knee operated on – once you get hurt like that, your chances are all but done.

    After graduating, I contemplated continuing my education and pursue a career in medicine, but I wanted to pursue a career as a triathlon professional. I started coaching on the side to help pay the bills; however, the business side grew very quickly and I stepped away from the racing career to develop the Coach Robb Complete Training Solutions Program.

    Currently the Coach Robb program has four business segments: endurance, speed & agility, motocross and weight loss. This year will be my 24 year of coaching – the time has flown by to say the least.

    rmx: What can a rider expect from your Coach Robb training programs?

    MotoE: A simple, yet effective program to build speed, endurance and eliminate injuries. All of my performance elements come directly from the Olympic Training Center and feedback from human performance specialists from around the world – not someone’s “flavor of the month” ideas.

    Human performance has gotten so confusing due to ex-mechanics and riders declaring they are human performance professionals, they don’t know the truth about nutrition, strength and conditioning. They throw around a few elements and create nothing but confusion for the parents and the riders. With our programs each rider will develop a personalized performance program relevant to nutrition, hydration, speed, endurance, flexibility along with a mental development program. All of these program elements are interrelated – not independent of one another.

    When a rider says that they are getting tired at the end of a moto, it isn’t always an issue about endurance – it can be a hydration or nutritional issue. Anyone who thinks that human performance has to be difficult hasn’t seen our programs. On our program, each rider is instructed what to eat, when and how much.

    Each rider is instructed how long and how hard to train on the track along with off of the track to eliminate any weaknesses (speed, endurance, etc.). Sure there are some “new” words to get accustomed to, but with a little patience and dedication each rider will become fitter and faster. We have the championships to back it up!

    rmx: Who have you trained in the past, any notable riders?

    MotoE: Yes for sure, anyone familiar with our sport will recognize many of the names on this list.

    Adam Cianciarulo – trained him to 2 amateur championships
    Ashley Fiolek – trained her to 2 Championships
    Broc Tickle – trained him to a west coast SX Championship
    Charlie Mullins – trained him to a 2011 GNCC Championship
    Ian Trettle – trained him to multiple national championships
    Jordan Bailey – training him for 2012 national championships for Thor & Scott Racing
    Jon Jon Ames – training him for 2012 national championships for JGR Racing
    Kyle Chisolm – trained him up to his professional career
    Jeremy Martin – trained him while he was on 85’s
    And many more that were are not allowed to mention!!

    rmx: What are the 3 key ingredients to your training program?


    1. Program is designed around your race schedule and goals
    2. Program is customized to identify and eliminate any weaknesses in a racing program
    3. Program provides the rider with all of the tools to maintain top level performance results (sweat calculator, heart rate zone spreadsheets, body analysis spreadsheets, etc.)

    rmx: What can a rider expect to learn/improve and how long will it take?

    MotoE: Each rider will learn what, when and how much to eat and drink for optimum performance. Additionally, each rider will learn where their weaknesses are on the track and how to eliminate them to perform at an optimum level every week. The process is ongoing – I have some riders that I have worked with for 10 years.

    As the rider improves, so does the development of strength, endurance, nutrition, hydration and flexibility – not to mention the mental side of the equation. Improvement is never ending as long as the rider is healthy (without illness or injury).

    rmx: What are the top 5 things riders will learn from your virtual program?


    1. How to train smart, not hard.
    2. How hard to train on and off of the track – cross training
    3. How to eat for speed on the track and optimum recovery after each training session or race
    4. How to evaluate if the body is absorbing the training efforts being put in
    5. Complete performance program that is specific to the racer’s needs

    rmx: Who is the program right for and who is it wrong for?


    Right – anyone who is willing to dedicate the time to learn and apply the principles provided. The program outlines everything that needs to be done from warm up to cool down; exactly what needs to be eaten and what muscles need to be stretched afterwards (there is even a video link to show you!)

    Wrong – anyone who thinks that performing at an elite level means purchasing bigger motors and stiffer suspension. It takes a fit individual to run top of the line equipment, our riders are able to ride their equipment to its fullest potential. If you are not open to “learning how to become fit” please don’t contact us.

    rmx: Anything else you want to add?

    MotoE: I love what you have created here at realMotocross – the sport needed this exact information. Great job and we look forward to helping all your members as much as possible.

    Posted by Nekolove Santiago about May 17, 2012 - Votes: +0, -0 - Report

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