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How do I collect points?

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Technique for taking air off jumps

Having some trouble deciding where I belong on the bike in relation to a jump, say, a table top. If the face is steep enough I can get some air, but if it is modest I either get no air or the rear end kicks up. My son and husband say I am not going fast enough, and since I'm a beginner that could be the issue. Every now and then I have moments of brilliance, and launch and land the bike effortlessly. Mind you I am not getting much air when it happens, but it 'feels' right. I was advised to slide my rear way towards the back of the saddle on the approach, and keep the throttle steady - but doing so feels awkward I(5'1" on a 150R) and doesn't make things any better. Any suggestions, anybody?

Posted by Desiree Wyatt about Jun 23, 2012 in Riding Tips - 238 views - 2 total answers. Status: open. - Report

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    Each Jump is different and some time requires a different approach. My style is not to approach a jump as if the idea was to get air but let the bike do what comes natural. if you let off the gas before the jump it will do what you are stating. if you are letting off at the bottom before the jump Try not letting off the gas untill you have reached the top of the jump. Keiths suggestion will work as well. as you just have to do what feels comfortable to you. You can use the gas and the rear brake to contol the bikes position to the ground.

    Posted by Louis Phay about Oct 19, 2012 - Votes: +0, -0 - Report

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    i am a pro rider so i know what im doing sorry if i came off as arrogant but u want to get in the charge position ur head needs to be a bit over the handle bars elbows up knees bent u also want to grip the radiator shrouds if u do an air wheelie pull in the clutch and tap the back brake

    Posted by Keith Clark about Oct 19, 2012 - Votes: +0, -0 - Report

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