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Rim/Rotor bent?

I bought a tire from the local Yamaha shop and they didn't have it, he told me they would have one in a few days to come back and he would put in on no charge, well it came in today so I went down and had the tire put on. after getting home and putting the rim back on my bike, and a quick ride around my yard I noticed something was off. It seems my rim and rotor are bent? Is it normal for tire changing machines to bend them?? is there any way I can fix this before sunday, I have a race and really don't want to miss it. I checked my spokes and only 3 from what I can tell are loose.

Posted by Corey King about Jun 29, 2012 in Other - 484 views - 1 total answers. Status: open. - Report

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    It is possible the the tire machine damaged your wheel assembly, to check for bent rim or wheel do this
    1. place bike on solid stand. problem wheel in the air.
    2. If front wheel turn wheel to stop, hold in place with tie down.
    3. Support a sharpie or similar marker close to but not touching the wheel.
    4. Turn the wheel slowly and observe if
    a. Sharpie touches the wheel
    b. Distance between sharpie and wheel appears to change.
    c. Sharpie gets knocked off stand. (wow)
    5. This will tell you if the rim is bent.
    6. Check rotor by placing it on a piece of window glass, if you can get a strip of paper (or a .003" feeler gauge) under it , it's bent.
    7. There are no recommended methods to repair a bent wheel rim or rotor, replacement is usual recommendation. (The lawyers have had a field day on places that repaired rims).
    No tire machines don't cause the damage, (just untrained operators).
    Fix is get new rim and rotor.
    Good luck.

    Posted by Allen Gnuschke about Sep 2, 2012 - Votes: +0, -0 - Report

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