• How to apply

    Currently sponsorship is open to women riders only, and I will limit the intial intake to five women riders.  Depending on applications and involvement, I may add to that before the 2012 season.


    Sponsorship will include discounts on products, and incentives to promote/sell the MsMoto brand, and MsMoto will provide you with marketing/PR and advertising support.


    You will be featured on the MsMoto website as one of our sponsored riders, with a photo and profile.


    Incentive to promote MsMoto, as MsMoto promotes you: with a benchmark of feedback/promotions and sales of MsMoto products from your efforts, a personalized kit will be created for you and offered as a limited edition for a period of 60 days. 



    - custom labeling on an entire line of products with MsMoto

    - custom 'infusions' of your choice

    - Ability to market yourself on a branded, trademarked product focused on women riders.


  • What MSMoto looks for in rider

    Be fierce. Those blue eyes of MsMoto's didn't come from being timid or doing things without full dedication and drive.  Have a goal, and be willing to work hard for it.


    Applications for all levels will be considered, however, the more visible you are in the field, the more driven you are to improve, and the more ingrained in the lifestyle you are, the stronger your chances.


    I'd encourage any rider that applies to consider purchasing a tee shirt or some decals/products from the site, as the whole purpose of MsMoto is to promote strong women, doing something they love.

  • Minimum number of events raced
  • Contact Email taj@msmoto.co