• How to apply

    we will be looking to sponsor some more riders for 2012.

    we will accept resumes from all riders for special pricing on brake pads, brake rotors and all that we carry.

  • What JnB motorcycle parts looks for in rider

    we are looking for those "special" riders that stand out in the crowd,and walk proudly win or loose.

    If you have a dissability of some sort and still ride is also a plus.

    Must have good sportsmanship.

    We also love all the women riders,, you are ALL beautyful..

    If you have been racing for many years or have just started we would like to hear from you.As long as you have some racing history you can show us.

    Send us your resume along with a racing piuc and one without your helmet and goggles so we can see your mug..

  • Minimum number of events raced 10
  • Contact Email XYTUSA@AOL.COM